About Us

DOWN SOUTH AMMO LLC., was started in June of 2009. Our family suffered the same financial burdens everyone else did when the economy went south. Our company is family owned and operated. We initially started the business to sell ammunition, but after a few unsuccessful attempts to sell ammo at the gun shows we discovered that we could not compete with "Full-Time" ammunition dealers.

With a little help from our family "SOUTHERN THUNDER" became a reality. We didn't know if our business would be a success or a failure, but we were willing to put the time and effort into it to try. Nothing good comes easy.

If you watch our videos we think you'll see why people enjoy shooting our targets so much. Shooting "Southern Thunder" never gets old. Just remember to use some common sense when shooting them. If you can't use our targets responsibly, we would rather not have your business. It isn't worth doing something stupid to mess up the rest of your life. Our targets are 100% LEGAL. Be safe, Be smart, so we can keep it that way.


Ryan & Nina